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How It Works

Continuing medical education (CME) is a labour-intensive and heavy financial undertaking


CME helps physicians to stay up-to-date about recent medical advances, accept the most cost-effective available care, and stop using lower-benefit interventions. Very often, CME is didactic and passive, often based on conferences or other in-person meetings.

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses on CME curricula have however confirmed that didactic presentations or printed education materials have negligible beneficial effect on clinicians’ behavior and/or patient outcomes. Interactive techniques are rather most effective at improving health care and patient outcomes.

Is the continuing use of passive CME justifiable?


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The global annual turnover of CME industry is tens of billions of dollars, yet the global demand far exceeds the existing supply.


Revenue for CME companies, accredited by ‘Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education’ in just US was US$2 billion in 2010, implying a tuition cost of about $2,500 /physician/year (excluding travel, accommodation and other associated costs).

Yet, many physicians in certain developing countries may have never even attended one CME session.


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Transform Medcomms provides sustainable solutions for high-quality and low-cost continuing professional, and interprofessional medical education


We provide sustainable solutions for high-quality and low-cost CMEs. Our multimedia based interactive e-learning built with instructional design best practices using captivating images, videos and strategic animations offers the best value for money by ensuring:

  • Increased learners’ attention and knowledge retention,
  • Easier and deeper learning of complex scientific concepts, and
  • Focused and fun learning that elevates viewers mood.

Plus, the benefits expand to unlimited learners around the world at their flexible schedules. We also offer various outcome research models and options for evaluation of knowledge gaps through pre and post knowledge assessment surveys.

Who It’s For


We work together with sponsors, CME accrediting bodies and health care organizations to not only identify and create eCMEs consistent with evidence based best practices but also develop processes to measure improvements in knowledge gaps.

Pharmaceutical Sponsors


Globally, CME costs are largely covered by commercial sponsors through unrestricted grants and other funding. We demonstrate true value for this funding by ensuring knowledge retention for unlimited learners through focused and fun learning.

Global and Regional Medical Associations


We work closely under the guidance of leading medical associations responsible for accrediting CME and maintaining professional standards. These associations can also be our direct customers.

Local Medical Associations and Health Care Organizations


We offer local associations flexibility to adapt training curricula according to their unique needs. We also offer content in local languages to maximize the full benefits of our eCMEs.

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